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Written Sunday, July 1, 2012

An Eventful Day In Washington, DC

I am a 61 year old man(will be in September). I was a systems analyst for 35 years, who now cleans business offices at night. I have not done anything on my web page since June of 2009. I work 56 hours a week and do not have the time needed to devote to my web site. I keep the web site in the hopes that when I retire and work less hours, I will be able to do something with it. What happened this week forced me to update my home page.

As of this past Wednesday, I was an American Commoner. As of Thursday, I became an American Peasant. Three main events took place this past Thursday that I was compelled to write about. The first of those events were the Supreme Court striking down 3 out of 4 points to the Arizona law concerning stopping and turning over illegal aliens (undocumented workers) to federal imigration athorities. The second event was the Supreme Court maintained that the individual mandate in the 2700 page ObamaCare law was constitutional, but modified the description of mandate from a penalty to a tax. The third event that occurred was the House of Representatives voting for Eric Holder, the Attorney General of the United States, being in contempt of Congress. I felt compelled to indicate my thoughts on these considerable events.

A couple of notes regarding the Supreme Court. We all know that they are given lifetime appointments and are picked by the President. Their whole job is to rule whether a law is Constitutional or not. It is quite obvious that this has been expanded to them being the final say regarding any case, for any reason. In my humble opinion, remembering that being an American peasant my opinion doesn't really matter, I believe that this is one process that should be altered drastically. I believe that the reason the judges on the Supreme Court were originally given lifetime appointments is because, at the time the process was put into place, there were not that many individuals that had the background and knowledge of the Constitution to determine whether or not a law was Constitutional. Many people will indicate that it was done this way so that they are removed from the wheeling and dealing that occurs when they have to continually campaign to keep their jobs. It was also quite obvious that most people could not read or write when the Constitution was written. Others believe that by having a lifetime appointment, they will not be swayed by assertions that are politically modivated. It is quite clear that this is no longer the case. The fact that any pundant can tell you which side of an issue that 2/3rds of them are going to rule, completely validates that their opinions indeed are based on political point of view and not on Constitutionality. I believe that they should be given 10 years in their position, period. Since there are 9 of them, we should stagger the voting to occur for 2 of them every 2 years, and 1 on the 10th year. "We the people" should be given the task to elect them. Politics plays too big of a role in policy today. I realize that in our current social environment, about half of the individuals voting are both ignorant and/or appathetic when it comes to political issues, and they are far more focused on what I want and less focused on what "We" stand for. The truth of the matter is, that the important choices regarding all individuals that are given dominion over all of us, should be left to "We the people". If we make the wrong choices, at least it was up to the individuals that this country was based on. There are more details but I am not going to bore you with them in this article. Another point that I would like to make is that the original Constitution was 6 pages long, including the Bill of Rights. The amount of discussion as to what each paragraph, sentence, and even word means, as interpreted by our many so called scholars, attorneys, polititions, and pundants, is not only rediculous; it is, in my opinion, the very process that all of our current leaders use to push an agenda that is, in fact, both unconstitutional and detremental to the fabric of our nation.

I would like to state for the record that all of my articles are one man's opinions and I am very conservative. I used to consider myself a Republican, but I am too conservative for that. The fact is, that the summations for both Supreme Court rulings made no sense to me. In the Arizona ruling, they stated that it was Constitional for the police to request papers from an individual that is stopped for some legal reason, but if the individual(s) were illegal aliens (undocumented workers - whether they work or not), they could not start the process to return them to their homeland. If the individual is between 18 and 30, President Obama had already taken care of that. The issue as to whether or not we deport someone who is here illegally, to "no fault of their own" is a mute point. If the individual is undocumented, how do we know how long the individual has been here. Besides, if the federal government is not going to do it's job by protecting the border, then why aren't the individual states permitted to 'protect and serve' the people in their state. The whole ruling makes no sense. You can detain someone if they are illegal, but the federal government will let them go. In my opinion, the whole point is that the fence we paid to build did not get built. There are cities (even states) that are sanctuaries for illegals. There are 3000 post office boxes in cities near our Mexican border that only have 300 residences. There are thousands, if not millions, of American citizens who are concerned for their safety. There are millions, if not billions of dollars being spent to make it appear that our federal government is doing it's job. The fact is, that anything the federal government does, it does very poorly, and very costly.

The Supreme Court's ruling and summation on ObamaCare was equally, if not more absurd. Many pundants have weighed in on Justice Robert's summation, indicating that it was, shall I say, not up to Supreme Court standards as far as summations go. He stated, and I paraphrase, that the individual mandate was a tax, not a penalty, that it was not pertinent to the commerce clause as argued, and that they are not responsible for who is elected and the laws that are passed, which is something that makes no sense, whatsoever. Many reporters and pundants have stated various modives for Justice Robert's summation. Some have stated that he didn't want the Supreme Court to look heartless. Some said that he wrote what he wrote, so the Republicans would be energized to vote in November. Some may have even speculated that the White House has something over on him. One viewpoint that I like, is that he wanted to make sure that there wasn't a tie, making the lower courts ruling stand. My opinion is, that no matter what the reason may have been, any of those reasons indicate that he is not doing his job, which is to determine the Constitutionality of this law. As stated before, the original Constitution was 6 pages long. The truth of the matter is that all nine justices, if they were not politically motivated one way or another, should have pointed out the numerous unconstitutional provisions in this 2700 page monstrosity, that was built under a cloud of secrecy, modified at every junction (300 pages of modifications on the last day prior to voting), and voted on in the cover of darkness. Everything that has been reveiled so far, from Nancy Pelosi saying we have to make it a law before we know what's in it, to having miniature golf courses rebuild their ramps, to removing $500 BILLION from Medicare and increasing the number of individuals on it, to mandating that insurance companies must pay out 80% of their receipts, to review (death) panels, to telling religious organizations that they must supply products to their employees that is 'against their religion', and on, and on, and on, indicates that this law should be unconstitutional merely based on it's scope and size. As just a side note; on April 2, 2007, the Supreme Court ruled that CO2 is a pollutant. That decision will mean more to all Americans than Thursday's decisions. CO2 is one of the primary compounds in our atmosphere. It only makes up three one-hundredths of the atmosphere. There is 30 times more Argon than CO2 in our atmosphere, and if it weren't for CO2, nothing on our planet would be green. Based on that decision, the EPA has already become a gestapo organization, and it's leader is as whacko as Mengele. Of course, that too is my opinion. The point is that the Supreme Court is already filled with politicians, not Constitutionalists.

Last but not least, or maybe it is least, is the House of Representatives vote Thursday on contempt of congress for Eric Holder. The interesting thing about this event is that there were two votes. One for a criminal charge of contempt of congress, and one for a civil contempt of congress. The decision for two votes was a brilliant move by the House, given the fact that they new that Mr. Holder's agency would not persue charges brought up against their boss. It is apparent that not only the Attorney General, but members of the House themselves, do have contempt for Congress, by walking out during the vote. In my opinion, they should be docked one days pay for not doing their job. They pulled the same stunt as the individuals in Wisconsin did by fleeing to another state some time back. The games that so many of our political figures play today has led me to 2 conclusions which I have had for quite some time. The first is that Justice is most certainly no longer blind, but she has dropped down the scale and put her hand out for what our Mexican friends would call payola. The second item is that half of our country believes in socialism, whether they say so or not. What they want is free stuff, not understanding, or caring, who pays for it. What they are so ignorant about, is that ultimately, they will be included in the individuals who will pay for it. Unfortunately, the individuals who paid the ultimate price for this absurd operation, will most certainly, never have the justice they seek.

I thank you for visiting my web site and I will try to make your time spent informative.

Robert J Taggart, Sr.